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Our Services: Cloud and Virtualization Writing to Enhance Marketing and Sales

Our cloud computing and virtualization writing services consist of custom white papers, web copy, brochures, sales guides, and other marketing and sales materials for software and system manufacturers, tools developers, consulting firms, system integrators, service providers, and others in the cloud computing and virtualization market. We help you clearly and concisely communicate what you can do for companies that use your cloud and virtualization products, so they clearly understand your message, differentiators, and value.

  • We helped Joyent produce six white papers, numerous case studies, and assorted collateral to better market its public, private, and hybrid cloud offerings.
  • We authored an editorial for a leading European trade publication on behalf of an international client, positioning the company as a leader in cloud services.
  • We helped Hitachi Data Systems emphasize its storage product strengths in cloud and virtualized environments through marketing and sales materials, including video scripts, email promotions, and solution briefs.
  • We helped a startup software company promote its cloud optimization technology, boosting its visibility and sales.
  • We helped an established data storage and management company optimize an important corporate partnership in the virtualization and online collaboration areas.
  • We have helped six different companies, some of them leaders in their space, to successfully address security concerns regarding virtualization and cloud computing.

We can help you too.

Our Cloud and Virtualization Writing Process

Each of our writing projects is tailored to the particular client. We begin from the following baseline process: To gather information, we efficiently interview you and other subject matter experts in your organization (and your partnersí or customersí organizations if applicable). We review existing information in various forms that you send us, and we review information online that you highlight. We then rapidly synthesize this information, send you an outline for your review, promptly draft the document after receiving your outline comments, and incorporate comments in a few rounds of review as needed. Along the way, we identify changes to existing illustrations or suggest new ones. In addition to producing the copy, we can perform document design, layout, and illustration if needed.

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